Prevail Case Management System

Prevail is a state-of-the-art, multi-user information management system that helps law firms (and similarly-structured enterprises) manage every aspect of their case information, contacts, documents, calendars, tasks, statutes, time, costs, fees and workflow.

Unlike traditional case-management software which merely gives users a place to store and look up information, Prevail actively USES that information to create a HUGE amount of meaningful work product. Its industry-leading document assembly engine allows you to instantly create, save and track even very complex documents, either individually or hundreds at a time across multiple cases according to criteria you select. Prevail's powerful suite of tools maximizes your staff's productivity while allowing you to instantly track who did what and when they did it.

Prevail also includes a unique process management tool which allows you to define your own workflow processes, then sit back and watch as your staff is led step-by-step through everything they have to do in each case on a daily basis. Your whole staff will become more productive and responsive, and your clients will be happier as a result. Most importantly, you'll no longer have to waste all that time and energy putting out fires and stressing out over what might have “fallen through the cracks.” If running your law firm currently seems a bit like herding cats, and you're ready to change that, we invite you to Get to Know Prevail.