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Practice Areas

Whether you practice in one area, or many, Prevail is ready to manage matters of just about every type. If you practice in an area that we don’t already offer, we can customize layouts for you.

Social Security

  • SSA Process & Forms Included
  • Detailed Layout with Many Custom Fields
  • Automated Deadlines Tracking

Personal Injury

  • Statute of Limitations Automatically Set
  • Settlement Calculator
  • Medicals & Evidence Tracking
  • Draft Pleadings & Other Documents


  • Track Veteran’s History
  • Many Custom Fields
  • VA Forms & Claims Process Included
  • Deadlines Triggered Automatically

Workers' Compensation

  • Track Multiple Accident Dates
  • Track Claimant’s Work History
  • Create a Detailed Medical History
  • Track Time, Cost & Fees

Family Law

  • Multiple Case Types
  • Specialized Contact Types
  • Custom Fields

Estate Planning

  • Document Merge and Document Management
  • Plan for Distribution of Assets
  • Trust Ledger

Criminal Defense

  • Multiple Custom Contacts
  • Track Evidence
  • Track Prior Arrests

Bankruptcy: Debtor

  • Manage Debtor Cases
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Related Parties

Bankruptcy: Creditor

  • Manage Creditor Cases
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Related Parties


  • Track Applicant’s History
  • Custom Information “Follows” the Client
  • Track Time, Cost and Fees

Long Term Disability

  • Track Medical Providers & Treatments
  • Build a seamless medical history with a streamlined records request process.


  • Track Basic Information
  • Create Any Number of Case Types
  • All Features Available


  • Description of Debt
  • Judgement Date
  • Track Process for Settlement or Litigation Matters
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