2014 Prevail Users Group Conference (PUG)


PUG is an opportunity for users from all around the country to share and expand their knowledge of Prevail. Let's face it; many of you are only scratching the surface of what Prevail can do. If you've ever thought that you could be doing more with your Prevail software, but just don't know where to start, PUG can help!

Whether you're an attorney or a member of the support staff, an experienced user or brand new to Prevail, PUG has something for you!

Topics included:

  • Using Prevail to Ensure Accountability in Your Firm
  • Introducing Prevail 7
  • Administration Features
  • Prevail for the New User
  • Creating and Using Intake Questionnaires to Increase Your Firm's Efficiency
  • Advanced Merge Features
  • Using Prevail to Enhance Your Firm's Marketing
  • How to Prepare for a Technical Support Call
  • The Prevail-QuickBooks Transfer Wizard
  • Creating and Using Processes
  • Dashboards
  • Managing Remote Offices
  • Upgrading to Prevail 7
  • Remote Access
  • Q&A with the Trainers

PUG2014 took place on February 27th and 28th, 2014 at Disney's BoardWalk Resort at Walt Disney World, Florida.

Comments from some of our PUG2013 attendees:

"I really enjoyed the PUG this year. The first thing I learned was that if it is not in Prevail, it has not been done. If there is no documentation, you cannot show that you actually did the work.

We have used Prevail for many, many years and do not utilize the program as well as we should. The first thing we have implemented is cleaning out our rolodex and I am assigning different people in our office different tasks to start using and learning the program better. The second task is utilizing the medicals tab.

It was so nice to hear from users of the program as well as the staff. Learning from others that use the program is very useful in implementing things in our office.

I learned so much that I will be attending next year and plan to bring a staff member with me so we can both take more away and implement even more to make our office better."

Becky Fisher
McChesney and McChesney, P.C.


"Our experience at PUG 2013 was amazing. Each segment had information for the newest user all the way up to the most advanced. We had 3 people from our office attend, all taking notes and left with an armload of information to put to use.

The resort was very relaxing and enjoyable and the cocktail hour was so much fun. It was especially nice to be able to connect with other users and have an opportunity to discuss Prevail with them. Meeting the people that we talk to on the phone was great too! I am really excited to attend this year and see what else we can learn."

Matthew Hill
Hill & Ponton, P.A.


"It is hard to believe that 2013 was the first conference. It was very professional and organized. In addition to being educational.....it was fun! It was like being with your family and friends. I am extremely proud to say I am part of the Prevail family. Prevail has improved the quality of the work produced by our office and by using Prevail we have been able to produce more work in less time. I strongly recommend that you become a "Raving Fan" of Prevail."

Wendy Wissner Tally
Law Office of Webster C. Tally


Are you a vendor interested in advertising at PUG? Email us at pug@prevail.net for more information about future PUG conferences.

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