How to use Power Search in Prevail

Listen here, Christopher Columbus. The endless search for lost information is over.

You can put away your compass and your binoculars now. You no longer need to embark on an epic quest to find that one little sticky note you wrote 2 days ago. Because you have Prevail Power Search.

Like you, we write ourselves notes, jot things down on documents, send quick comments to co-workers and all of that normal day-to-day activity. Then of course, when we go to retrieve that information, it’s nowhere to be found. Typical day at the office. So our team got together and thought, wouldn’t it be great to be able to search for that note, appointment, whatever, easily? (Of course it would.)

n Prevail Power Search, you can search for a character string within any of the tabs on Prevail, as well as within appointments, tasks, Rolodex entries, and Sticky Notes. It brilliantly searches both the subject line of your entries, as well as any details within that entry.

This is how it works:

  1. Click on Power Search in the Prevail Toolbar
  2. Plug in the Start and End Dates you want to search within
  3. Choose to search in only the matter you are working by clicking the button, or all matter by leaving it unclicked
  4. List your search terms in the field and press enter
  5. Prevail will display all results and which tabs they are in
  6. Go get a coffee and smile because life is good

There are plenty of things to be frustrated about – gas prices, long lines at the grocery store and stepping in puddles in your new suit. With Prevail Power Search, losing your case information is not one of them.

If you get stuck, request support for Prevail from one of our technicians. We’d be happy to help.