Inspect Your Expectations

Activating a simple Google search on the phrase “Inspect your Expectations”, will yield a wealth of information on the topic. The purpose of this article is not to add to the pile, but more to serve as a reminder that in business and personal life, we need to constantly monitor our benchmarks and goals. Certainly easier said than done (and requiring the perennial inner-reflection we all seem to dread), tracking your “results” can seem like a daunting task.

In essence, one can view goal monitoring as a reactive or proactive situation. This is very similar to home security. We only begin to see the necessity to protect our homes after an incident has happened, because we perceive the statistics as isolated incidents. In business, it is this constant need to actually monitor our progress that keeps us afloat. In life, the lack of inspection can lead to troubled marriages, broken homes, and a host of other issues.

There are many resources available to you in this age of information for the purposes of monitoring your goals in both business and personal life. From digital software solutions, to local consultants, you need only take the first step. That step begins with a step “back”, and focuses on the figurative “big picture”.

We challenge you to ask yourself the question today: “Am I effectively inspecting my expectations in all aspects of life?” What are some of the things you do in your personal and business life to monitor your expectations or goals?