New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

With Prevail Case Management Software to help make it happen.

We are goal setters. No question. We would've never been able to develop game-changing software with innovative features without a steady eye on the future. Most of us like to start the New Year off with a few goals we'd like to accomplish. We've compiled a list of this year's top ten resolutions. You'll find that they all have something pretty simple in common: time.

  1. Travel. Without vacation time, there is no way you’ll find yourself on a white-sand beach anytime this year. Invest in software that saves you time and treat yourself to a bon-voyage.
  2. Cook more. Some people's kitchens haven't been used since the last time mom visited. That's sad. Make the most of your day with brilliant case management software and make it home in time to whip up something delicious.
  3. More friend time. Remember your best friend? The one that was always there for you? Less time in the office means more time catching up. Go ahead, phone a friend.
  4. More me time. We are not at our best when all we do is work. Prevail takes care of the little things, like syncing your calendars for example. This leaves time for a blissful massage or a sushi date. Make it happen.
  5. Read. When's the last time you jumped out of case reports and into a good book? Prevail pulls information together for you, making the process more efficient so you can curl up and escape in a great read.
  6. Call grandma. She misses you. But you’re too busy shuffling papers and preparing for court. Let Prevail do the shuffling. Give yourself time to make Grandma’s day.
  7. Learn something new. A new language, a new recipe, how to weave a basket. You are not your job. Buy yourself time and you'll buy yourself a life.
  8. Go to the gym. Studies show that not only will it help your health, but it will make you happier. And a happy professional is a successful one. Just 30 minutes a day can boost your mood. Prevail can give you that and then some.
  9. Eat healthier. If all you have time for is a drive-thru, no wonder you're gaining weight and feeling bad. An extra 20 minutes in the morning gives you plenty of time to pack healthy food for your day ahead.
  10. Grow, learn, conquer. Hopefully, your business is in an upward direction. Prevail has proven to help practices become so efficient that they can take on more work, diversify their portfolio and grow. We want you in on that in the New Year ahead.

Whatever your goals may be, we hope you have an amazing New Year. Cheers to a bright, happy and prosperous year ahead.