New Year, New Leadership

After fifteen years as Chief Operating Officer of Practice Technology, Inc., David Webber is retiring from the day-to-day operations of Prevail. David will continue to be involved in Prevail Sales and Training on a part-time basis.

Taking over at the helm is Kingsley Montgomery. Kingsley originally wanted to be an astronaut. While that did not work out, yet, he stuck with Electrical Engineering and graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree. During college breaks, he worked for a small defense contractor in Crystal City, just a metro stop or two from Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon. After graduating, he continued working for defense contracting companies for many years, specializing in military simulation. He has held roles in Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Project Management. Kingsley’s biggest project was a $30 million-dollar simulation contract, where he served as system engineer, QA manager, and Project Manager of a multi-disciplinary team. In 2005, he started and managed a video game company with a long-time friend. In 2007 he wrote and published a fantasy novel, a long-time desire. Also in 2007, he started Paladin Enterprises, selling tech supplies to local schools and businesses. In 2008, he changed the company to Paladin Tech & Game, and added a retail game center to the mix.

Kingsley is a life-long student of science, history, psychology, gaming, and has scores of books on the subjects, alongside his 500+ fantasy and science fiction book collection. He is an occasional scuba diver with a couple hundred dives logged. He lives with his beautiful wife, equally beautiful daughter, two cats, and a dog.

Kingsley’s plans for moving Prevail into the next decade include exploring web and mobile options, expanding into additional law types, and refining what we already do, based on user feedback.