No More Dual Data Entry!

Introducing the Prevail-QuickBooks Transfer Wizard!

Prevail 6 Users, with the Prevail-QuickBooks Transfer Wizard, you can now transfer items from Prevail to QuickBooks quickly and easily without having to enter anything more than once!

To use the QuickBooks Wizard, you must be using Prevail version 6.10.05 or newer, and you must have a current technical support agreement with us. If you are using an earlier version of Prevail and would like to use the QuickBooks Wizard, you can speak to any Prevail representative about upgrading your Prevail software (additional fees may apply). If your support agreement has lapsed, you can have it quickly reinstated at any time.

The Prevail-QuickBooks Transfer Wizard is being offered for a one-time fee of $695.00 (covers ALL QuickBooks users), which includes support and 2 hours of training for the Prevail-QuickBooks Transfer Wizard setup.

Watch our demonstration video for a more in-depth look at the Prevail-QuickBooks Transfer Wizard and its features!

Purchasing the Prevail-QuickBooks Transfer Wizard couldn't be easier. Ask any Prevail representative for details, or contact our Sales Department directly at (866)998-4400, option 1!