The Top Legal Case Management Questions to Ask

Buying the wrong software - a scary tale.

It’s 6:05. The office grows tired as dusk settles in. The lawyer sits down at his desk, ready to finish the day. He has merely minutes to get one last task completed. And then sheer horror – he can’t find a case file. He had been working on it for weeks. It was right there, on his desktop. And it has disappeared.

In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we’d save you from a ghoulish nightmare – buying the wrong software for your firm. Before you purchase, you should take time to think about your business needs first. You’ll save time, money and the hassle of forcing a program into your firm that isn’t a fit. Here are The Top 5 Legal Case Management Questions to Ask, inspired by the Director of the Legal Technology Institute at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, Andrew Z. Adkins, III.

1. Have you done your homework?
It pays to know what your firm needs and how a CMS can help improve the work environment. Arming yourself with the right information about how your firm works will help with the CMS selection process.

2. Do you know your manual system first?
Firms with an existing organized manual system for case management that uses checklists and ticklers will find the automated system easier to implement than those firms without a good manual system in place.

3. Do you have a good decision maker on the project?
There is enough of an investment in both money and resources to require a decision-maker on the implementation team. Many law firms create a “Case Management System Administrator” position to help make the implementation a success.

4. Have you gotten to know the developer?
Developers know how the software works and have implemented it in many different types of law firms and law departments. Listen and heed their advice; it’s invaluable.

5. Have you signed up for training?
Training is essential in any new software application, especially a CMS. Firms should have initial training as well as continuous training after the system is installed and running. Use the ideas and information gathered from the firm’s internal user base.

The only thing scarier than losing files or missing appointments is investing time and money in the wrong case management software. With our list of The Top Legal Case Management Questions to Ask, you’ll avoid those nightmares all together.