A Turkey-Themed Thanks from Prevail

It’s Turkey Time.
One big thanks. And 5 little tips.

As we carve the turkey and pass the potatoes, we reflect on the things we’re thankful for. This year, you are at the top of our list. Yes, business is better than ever. But the relationships we have with clients like you are the reason we get out of bed in the morning. It’s the reason we are motivated to evolve, innovate and push our ideas forward to create better products and services for your business.

So, thank you for your inspiration. We wish you and your family a most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Now, one of the reasons you love Prevail is because it makes your life easier. In the spirit of Prevail and Turkey Day, here are the top 5 tips for a successful Thanksgiving dinner:

  1. Pretend you like your in-laws stuffing. Listen, we know it’s soggy and way over-salted, but you can avoid a meltdown if you just smile and give it a thumbs up.
  2. Walk it off. Taking a little stroll after a big meal will help you digest. At least, that’s what you’ll say. The truth is, you’ll miss clean-up. Brilliant.
  3. Ask about the war. Asking grandpa about his time during WWII will trump your cousin’s yearly “My child is smarter and more talented” table talk. Sorry cousin. Grandpa is talking.
  4. Buy a dog and a long table cloth. Just in case the turkey comes out dry, the table cloth will hide your hands. The dog will hide the evidence.
  5. Get Prevail. Because when the office is running smooth, you’ll actually make it home in time for the festivities.

Happy Thanksgiving from all your friends at Prevail.