The Year of Amazing

Some Holiday Cheer from Us to You.

To say that we're ending this year on a high note would be an understatement. We're in awe of what 2012 has brought us. We've innovated incredible products. Partnered with wonderful clients and vendors. Attended inspiring events. And learned that hard work, dedication and the simple act of being kind can take you from good to amazing.

As we rush like mad to get our last minute shopping done, we thought we'd pass along some tips and tricks for our last-minute shoppers.

  1. Don't do it. If your family really loves you, all they need is YOU for the holidays. (Yeah right.)
  2. Gift cards impersonal? No way. Who doesn't want an excuse to go out shopping for themselves?
  3. Wear elbow pads. That way, as you bump into other frantic shoppers on your way to the checkout line, you won't hurt anyone. That much.
  4. Indulge in some early holiday spirits. Don't drive of course, but a little early bubbly can really help you through some tough holiday shopping times.
  5. Get Prevail for next year. The hours you'll save each day will give you plenty of time to get your shopping done EARLY next year. Hey, we can dream.

Have a most wonderful holiday. Here's to the end of an amazing year.