Advantage Database Server

The Advantage Database Server (ADS) is the “back-end” database engine which runs on your network file server computer. All high-end case management systems require a database server. ADS is a piece of third-party SOFTWARE (not hardware) that serves as a “traffic cop” on your network, distributing individual files and records as needed from the Prevail Database to each Prevail user as they work in Prevail. ADS allows multiple users to access the database simultaneously and invisibly keeps track of which records are updated, by whom and when.

When you buy Prevail for any given number of end-users, you must also purchase a corresponding number of ADS licenses. We provide the ADS software and we support it under your Prevail support agreement, giving you a single point of contact for the entire system. You don't ever really see the ADS software because it runs in the background on your file server. The only way you'll even know it's there is if somebody shuts it down – because Prevail won't run without it.

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