Convert Your Data From Your Old System

We understand the value of the data that exists in your current system, and offer multiple options for converting that data into your new Prevail system. The amount of data in your current system and your budget are usually the determining factors in whether or not to do a data conversion, and what kind of conversion. The simple reality is, it can be a lot of tedious work for us, a lot of tedious work for you, it can take a long time and it can be quite expensive, but sometimes it's also essential. We have converted data from hundreds of different case management systems, including all of the big names and any number of strange homegrown solutions. So, if you do opt for a data conversion to Prevail, you'll be in good hands.

Our data conversion options are:

Full Data Conversion:
Assuming that we can access the raw data, we can map that data into Prevail to include notes, calendar items, documents and attached files, contact data, etc. *This process is only recommended if you have more than 1,000 open matters to be converted. If you have fewer than this, consider the contact only conversion options below.

Contacts Only:
With a contacts only conversion, we will populate the Prevail Contacts database with the basic contact information in your current system. Matters can then easily be connected to these contacts.

Contacts Only via MS Outlook:
If your contacts can be moved from your current system to Outlook's Address Book, those contacts can then be imported into Prevail at the time of installation. *This method of contact conversion does not have an associated cost.

Contacts Only via File Transfer:
If your contacts can be exported in one of our approved formats such as .csv or .xls, those contacts can be imported into Prevail with more specificity than in the Outlook method shown above.

If you'd like to learn more about our data conversion options, please contact our sales department at 407.228.4400, option 2.