Prevail User Licenses

Prevail is what is known as a Client/Server application. That means there are two components to the program: The Client is the Prevail program itself, which runs on each of your computers. It contains no local client data of any sort. The Server is the database portion of Prevail. It resides in one location on your network, which must be accessible from each of the workstations. When each of your employees works in Prevail, they are running the Client program on their own computers, which in turn each connect to and get their data from the single Prevail shared data Server.

Prevail is licensed for concurrent use. That means you can install the Prevail Client on as many computers as you like, but only the total number of users for which you are licensed will be able to access the data at the same time. Since a proper Prevail implementation tends to require that all users are running the software all day, every day, you'll usually purchase one license for each of your firm's employees (i.e. attorneys and support staff).

Prevail licenses are priced on a sliding scale, where the more licenses you purchase, the lower the per user price gets. Adding licenses at any time in the future is quick and easy, and always priced the same as if they were part of your initial purchase.

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