Prevail User Training

The single most important consideration in a successful Prevail implementation is end-user training. It doesn't matter how many cool things Prevail can do if nobody on your staff knows how to do them. We have found that the ultimate success of (and satisfaction with) any Prevail installation is directly proportional to the amount of end-user training provided.

Our training is delivered in a hands-on fashion in a real-world environment, resulting in the best possible absorption of the materials. Better knowledge of Prevail results in better use of the system and a higher return on your investment. We've learned from experience that the guy who says “We're all smart, so we don't need any training” invariably makes a lousy Prevail client. It never fails that when we go back to check up on that firm, we find they're using maybe 20% of what Prevail can actually do, and they're not happy because they don't even realize it already does most of the things they “wish” it could do. This is such a big deal to us that we're not usually even willing to sell you Prevail without user training unless you already learned how to use it in another firm that ran it effectively.

Your firm’s size, practice areas and your personal preferences will all be considered when recommending the amount of training and delivery method. We can do training in your office, online, or in our office in Orlando, Florida.

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