Integrated Calendar and Tasks

A good multi-user calendar is essential for running a successful law practice, and Prevail happens to contain a very good multi-user calendar.

Since every user has different ideas about the "best" way to look at a calendar, Prevail has user-selectable daily, weekly, monthly and custom views. Every user gets to choose how he or she sees it, and nobody's choice affects any other user. Naturally, multiple calendars can be viewed side-by-side to find available free time or schedule a new client appointment as quickly as possible with the first available person. The calendar is, of course, full-text searchable across all users. If somebody remembers they have an appointment but don't remember when or with whom, you can look it up instantly. You can also enter unlimited notes on any appointment or task and even search for appointments by the contents of those notes.

When people use the Prevail calendar for the first time, many remark that it looks and acts very much like the calendar from the three-hundred-gazillion dollar software conglomerate that made your operating system. That is true - there are only so many ways to display appointments on a page, so all software calendars tend to look somewhat similar. The big difference in the Prevail calendar is integration. Microsoft Outlook has a great calendar, but it doesn't know or care what case an appointment or task belongs with. In fact, it doesn't even know or care what a case IS. Prevail is different - everything you do in the Prevail calendar gets logged to the appropriate case - automatically. It builds a "case calendar" for each matter as you go, and it doesn't require any duplication of effort whatsoever. You can always click on a case to see ALL appointments in that case on ALL users' calendars. It also keeps track of who adds, modifies or deletes any appointment or task. Any changes on individual calendars automatically update throughout the system so everybody sees the most up-to-date information whether they're looking at their own calendar or looking at appointments in a single case.

The Prevail Calendar doesn't just talk to Prevail. Because of our handy Outlook sync tool, you can put appointments in Prevail and automatically have them show up in Outlook (and vice versa). Because Outlook can then push those appointments to your smart phone in real time, appointments added to Prevail back in your office will automatically show up on your smart phone no matter where you are.

Appointment synchronization at the workstation level is between Prevail and Microsoft Outlook (32 bit). In order for these appointments to synchronize to a mobile device you will need to implement a third party solution or synchronize manually using your device software, e.g.: iTunes or similar (if available).

Appointment synchronization at the server level is between Prevail and a MAPI ODI layer (or Microsoft Outlook if it is installed). A local Microsoft Exchange server (not hosted or cloud based) is required to access these appointments on your mobile device.

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