Centralized Contacts

Prevail's customizable, centralized Contacts database is the backbone of the system. It contains information about all the people and companies you come into contact with on a day-to-day basis (i.e. clients, adjusters, medical providers, opposing attorneys, judges, experts, etc.).

Since Contacts are shared and centralized, duplication of effort is completely eliminated. Once an entry is created by one user, it can be attached to any number of matters by other users without re-typing any of the information. This also means that if an address changes, you only have to change it in one place and it updates throughout the system. If that entry happens to be attached to a hundred different matters, the correct address will now show up in all of them.

Several things make Prevail's Contacts database stand apart from others in the industry. First of all, it is extremely customizable. You need name, address and phone number information for everybody in there, but you'll soon find that there's a wide variety of information OTHER information you'll want to track for different types of contacts. You'll also find that the nature of that information is completely different from one contact type to the next. The additional information you'd want to include about, say, a medical provider, would be very different than the additional information you'd want to include about an insurance adjuster. Prevail handles this by letting you create as many TYPES of contacts as you want. This information can, of course, be automatically merged into your documents.

Another unique feature in the Prevail Contacts is the "Attached Matters" feature. Let's say you're on the phone with an adjuster, opposing attorney or anyone else you're likely to deal with on multiple cases. While you already have him on the phone you can simply look at the "Attached Matters" portion of his contact record and instantly see a list of other cases he's involved in. When you're done discussing the current case you can jump to any of the others with a single mouse click. Killing two (or more) birds with one stone saves time by eliminating unnecessary rounds of phone tag.

Contacts also contains Prevail's exclusive "Sticky Note" feature. This is a great tool to provide a heads-up to alert other staff members in your office of any critical information about a contact. Let's say there's some piece of information about a contact which is sufficiently important that you don't want ANYONE doing anything on any case to which that contact is attached without first knowing that information. Maybe it's the record of a client who is currently incarcerated and you need to let your staff know they are unreachable by phone or email. Maybe it's a person who is recently deceased (nothing's quite as awkward as calling and asking to talk to a person who is no longer with us). Maybe it's an opposing attorney who has demonstrated a propensity for claiming conversations never happened, so you want to let your staff know that all communication with this person should be in writing. There are plenty of reasons you might want to "red flag" a contact. Prevail lets you create a note that will pop up right on top of that contact record every time you view either the entry itself or any case to which it is attached. You can do this (or undo it) any time you like in just a few seconds. Since the sticky note is, by design, "in the way" until you acknowledge and close it, you can be assured that the critical information it contains is never overlooked.

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