Tracking Evidence

Prevail’s Evidence tracking feature will provide your firm not only a place to save evidence, but also a means of tracking when evidence of any type has been requested, received and submitted. Combine this with the Prevail Reporter, and you’ll remain on top of evidence from the time you open your matter until it’s time to put that evidence to work in court.

You can determine what kinds of evidence providers you will include in your Prevail database. Whether police reports from law enforcement, photos from your client or insurance company, or medical records from a hospital or doctor, you will store evidence in the Prevail system, and it will be easy to access when you need it most.

As evidence is requested, Prevail users will note the date of request and a follow up task will be set. If the evidence is not received by the time the scheduled follow up date, the Prevail Reporter can provide a list of all providers who owe evidence, making it easy to follow up efficiently, making one call to each provider for all evidence owed to the firm.

Hard evidence copies can be scanned into Prevail. Unlike conventional scanning, where the user scans at the machine, which saves the scanned document to a file on the network or on their desktop computer, Prevail utilizes a TWAIN driver to “pull” the scanned evidence directly into the evidence record. This eliminates the need for locating, identifying, renaming and moving the scan. Prevail’s method puts the evidence where it needs to be with a single action.

If evidence is received via email, whether a single file or a complete directory, it can be attached to the evidence record as well.

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