Sophisticated Process Builder

It doesn't matter what kind of law you practice. EVERYTHING in the legal world follows a process. There are procedures, deadlines, events, triggers and court rules that determine what has to happen, when, and in what order. A few years back some clever software nerds figured out that these rules, once defined, could be applied to a calendar.

The concept of "rules based calendaring" was born and became a buzzword in the case management software field. Every high-end case management vendor (including us) developed "rules based calendaring" that could use a specific set of rules and triggers to automatically calculate and drop a series of dates and deadlines onto a case calendar. It was trendy and cutting-edge. It was also incredibly limited and, in the end, almost useless. Sadly, that's where most of the case management software industry stopped - except for Prevail.

We had a different idea. We asked ourselves a simple question: "What if, instead of just dropping dates onto a calendar, we could expand that functionality to encompass virtually every function of our software?" That is how the Prevail Process Builder came to be. Instead of just dropping dates on a calendar based on a set of pre-defined rules, the Prevail Process Builder can control just about any part of the software. Instead of just reminding you that a document should be created, it can create the document for you. Instead of blindly going from point A to point B to point C, it knows that sometimes you jump straight to point D. It knows that when you DO jump straight to point D, there might be a whole OTHER set of tasks and deadlines that suddenly come into play, and it sets them accordingly.

While virtually all other rules based calendaring tools in the case management software industry are REactive in nature, we designed the Prevail Process Builder to be PROactive. Instead of just reacting to external rules and deadlines, Prevail gives you the ability to define your own internal procedures. Have a hearing coming up? Swell. Any case management program can tell you that. Only Prevail gives you the ability to spin off and track a whole separate chain of events based on that hearing being scheduled. You can create lists of documents that need to be created prior to the hearing and have Prevail create them for you automatically. You can set up your own checklist of tasks that need to be accomplished prior to the hearing and have each show up on the appropriate staff member's to-do list. Prevail can track when each of these tasks was completed and show you which ones remain outstanding. All of this is based on the ideal workflow as you want it to be. Once you define the rules, Prevail puts them into practice and helps you keep everyone accountable for staying on target.

Because the Prevail Process Builder is so powerful, it is not for the faint of heart. The task of defining the steps and rules in these processes typically falls to your firm's own Prevail "power users", who are guided by our skilled implementation professionals. Once those processes are created, however, the magic begins to happen. Even your lowest-level staff people are then guided, step-by-step, through every action required in every case on every day. Prevail's Process Builder, properly implemented, moves you beyond the chaos and turns your firm into a well-oiled machine.

Simply put, there is not a more advanced process management tool in existence.

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