Legal professionals typically equate a “questionnaire” with the intake of a prospective client. Although Prevail’s Questionnaire will make intake easy and efficient, it doesn’t stop there. As your case moves through its lifecycle, there are times when you may want to update information that is currently in the matter such as medications, medical providers, adjusters, and contact information. The Questionnaire is designed to handle this as well as the initial intake.

When you purchase Prevail, there are a few sample questionnaires for various law types. Your Prevail trainer will work with you during the initial hours of training to teach you how to build questionnaires that meet your specific needs. As with all of Prevail’s features, our training team will put the emphasis on giving you the knowledge it takes to modify existing questionnaires as well as build new ones as needed.

Your prospective client calls or walks into your office. First impressions can make or break your ability to convert this prospect to a client. Your intake process is what will leave that all-important first impression. Your support staff will have a structured series of questions to present, while entering data in an easy to use, yet very powerful tool. When the intake is complete, your Prevail database will be updated with the new prospect or client matter, including the information collected, including related parties such as witnesses, arresting officer, referral source, medical providers and more. This matter is now available for review if necessary to determine whether you will represent this individual in their case.

As the case progresses, regardless of the type of case it is, there may come a time when you’d like to perform a review with the client to assure that the information you have on file is correct and current. The very same tool you used to collect the client’s information and case details will also serve as a means of preparing the case information for trial, for instance. As the Prevail user moves through the update questionnaire, the current information will be visible, making it simple to modify details as needed.

No longer will you be collecting information on paper, and then transferring it to your case management system. Prevail’s Questionnaire will help you to get this important job done in far less time with no redundant data entry. Your prospective client, your staff and you will all benefit from building cases on a firm foundation with the Prevail Questionnaire.

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