Analyzing Your Data

One of the advantages of having your information stored in orderly database tables is that the information can be extracted and analyzed. Prevail gives you two features to accomplish this.

First let’s look at the Report feature. The Prevail Reporter is a powerful SQL-based reporting tool capable of reporting across Prevail's numerous relational data tables. Almost anything you can conceive can be put into a report, as long as that information is contained somewhere in Prevail.

A report lets you extract a virtually infinite variety of lists, counts, and even some calculations. In its most simple terms, a report is a list – a list of matters, a list of medical providers, a list of cases with approaching SOL deadlines, etc. Prevail comes pre-loaded with more than 100 reports, and running them is as simple as choosing them off the reports menu and hitting the print button. Some reports also have the ability to count and do basic math. What percentage of your cases are at a particular status? How many active cases does each attorney in your firm currently have?

New in Prevail 8 is the Dashboard. This feature has all the power that the Reporter does, but is more of a visual tool. But don’t worry; the Dashboard isn’t just eye candy! Each segment of the Dashboard results represents and gives you access to the data behind it. For instance, if we use one of the examples above, a list of cases with SOL deadlines, imagine sorting that data by date. For each date, the user can click on that segment, and be given the very same information they’d get in a report, and be able to access each of those cases right from the Dashboard itself.

Whether your preference is text or graphics, provided you are entering the information you want returned in a Report or in the Prevail Dashboard, Prevail’s got you covered.

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