New! Settlement Calculator

If your practice areas include those that require negotiations and settlements, the Prevail Settlement Calculator will make negotiating a settlement, and disbursement of funds quick, accurate and easy.

You’ll be trained to accurately document damages, liens and firm costs by your Prevail instructor. Throughout your case, Prevail will frequently record these automatically, in response to some other action such as merging a document, or updating medical records or other evidence.

The Settlement Calculator is located in the damages and negotiations section of your matter in Prevail. When an offer is received, or a demand is made, the calculation of funds that would be disbursed to the client, the firm, to lien holders, and to pay damages can be determined instantly by entering either the demand, offer, or the amount your client is seeking.

How does Prevail accomplish this otherwise complicated process? Prevail’s tightly integrated tables are always at work, behind the scenes, setting you up for an effortless, and accurate negotiation. You have the ability to include a list of damage and lien types, and post payments against them. These payment can also be categorized (i.e. client payment, insurance company, negotiated reductions, etc.), and reflected in a Prevail report or on a Prevail dashboard.