Tracking Time

All too often, we don’t keep track of time spent because it’s just too much trouble. We’ve made Tracking Time not only easy in Prevail, but frequently effortless.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “My firm doesn’t bill hourly.” From a management perspective, think about the value in knowing how your staff is spending time. Whether generating documents, making calls, scheduling appointments, or any of the everyday actions taken in your firm, knowing how much time is spent on these tasks is an invaluable tool in maximizing your efficiency.

On the Prevail Ledger, you’ll track costs, fees (due and collected), and of course, time. Entries to the Ledger can be made manually, or they can be set by Prevail as a result of some action taken elsewhere in the program. For instance, when you set up documents to merge in Prevail, you can apply automatic actions to the document template, resulting in the software posting a time, cost and follow up entry. Each time that document is merged, these actions will take place automatically with no action necessary from the user. The time entry can be linked through the template to automatically apply the rate of the timekeeper, and extend the value on the ledger with the appropriate billing category. Again, Prevail’s feature integration is hard at work, saving you from having to enter anything twice!

Lastly, to enter an actual time entry based on time spent in a meeting, deposition, on a phone call, or accomplishing any other task can be tracked using the Prevail timer found within a history entry. A call made to a client, adjuster, or any other party related to the case is noted on the History tab. Simply click the timer once the call commences, and Prevail will do the rest.

If you weren’t looking to increase your firm’s efficiency, you wouldn’t be reading this. Track time, and make the most of every minute you spend managing your cases and your practice.

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