What Can I Do With Prevail?

More than you think! It's not just a simple legal case management system. In fact, it is so incredibly powerful and definable that a sizeable percentage of our clients aren't even law firms. Heck, we use it to run a software company with thousands of clients spread out across several continents. Whenever you call Prevail the first thing our employees do is either look you up in our own Prevail system (so they can instantly see extensive detail on every contact we've ever had with you), or enter your basic data about you into our Prevail system (so if you call back again a year from now they can pick up that conversation right where this one left off). The bottom line is that if you deal with a lot of clients or potential clients, and want your staff to know as much about them as humanly possible in each contact, Prevail is for you! Our clients include state governments, city governments, police departments, municipal legal departments and any number of private-sector companies whose business requires them to accurately track large volumes of information on their own clients, then use that information to create meaningful work product. Think of Prevail as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system on steroids. There's lots of generic CRM software out there. Most of it does absolutely nothing until you pay a consultant thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars to make it do something useful. Prevail has all the necessary infrastructure pre-built, and we've been doing this (and only this) for decades. That means in less time than somebody who doesn't know anything about your business would have to spend simply analyzing what it is that you do in order to come up with a plan, you could have Prevail up and running efficiently and productively.

Much of Prevail's power lies in the fact that virtually everything in the software (data fields, screen layouts, contacts, documents, pick-lists, categories, processes, reports, etc.) can be customized very easily without programming. We designed it from the ground up to be a flexible platform. That means that (in much less time than you ever thought possible) you can have a system that looks, acts and feels as if it was custom-designed just for YOU.