Using Prevail for Personal Injury

Prevail was built on decades of experience in Personal Injury law. Since so much of a successful PI practice depends on the referral business that comes from happy clients, Prevail was designed from the ground up to make each of your clients feel like everybody they talk to in your firm always knows exactly what's going on in their case. If you're not already getting good referral business, chances are pretty good that your clients get a lot of this when they call your office: "I don't know. I'll have to have someone call you back."

Study after study in the academic realm has shown that the #1 criterion your clients cite when rating your firm's service as either good or bad is the your staff's responsiveness in communicating with them. Prevail is loaded with tools to let your clients know exactly what's happening every step of the way, and those tools are designed to do most of the work FOR you. In the Documents section we describe Prevail's "Merge Across Query" function. One of the things we teach our clients to do is use that function to periodically send each client a letter telling them exactly what's going on in their case and what to expect. Since Prevail already knows the status of EVERY client's case, it's very simple to send these letters dozens (or thousands) at a time to let each client know everything they need to know about their own case. They're form letters generated automatically by Prevail, but the clients don't KNOW that because each client receives a letter where everything in it is customized to the specifics of their his or her own case. If each well-timed client letter eliminates several "what's going on in my case?" phone calls, your staff will have more time to actually work on cases. You'll also be working PROactively instead of REactively. Proactive law firms make for happy clients.

With so much of personal injury practice being dependent on cranking out the necessary paperwork at the proper time, Prevail's industry-leading document generation engine is an essential tool. When you sign up a new accident case there are a bunch of documents you'll always create. They might include a welcome letter to the client thanking them for choosing your firm, a thank-you letter to the referral source, representation letters to the insurance companies involved, requests for medical records from all the medical providers who treated the client, and a request for a copy of the accident report to the law enforcement agency that investigated the accident. No problem -- Prevail will create and track all of these for you, all at the same time, all in a couple of mouse clicks. The biggest difference between Prevail and everything else is WORK PRODUCT.

That doesn't just go for high-volume practices whose caseload is comprised mostly of pre-litigation cases. If yours is a trial practice that handles cases with thousands of documents, you need Prevail's productivity tools EVEN MORE -- you'll just use them a little differently. Ready to file suit in a case? Great -- Prevail will create the Summons and Complaint, First Request to Produce and all the various cover letters for you in an instant. It will also diary all those documents automatically for appropriate follow-up. It will also make time and cost entries for all these documents. In a litigation practice, Prevail really begins to shine when there are thousands of documents in a single case. It lets you view every single document in date order or a cross-section of them by an criteria you like. Want a pleadings index? Prevail maintains it automatically. You can see all pleadings sorted by date in two mouse-clicks. Two more mouse clicks and you can group them based on who they're from. Want to find any document in the case that contains a particular word? No problem. All these powerful document management tools are built right into Prevail.

Custom fields included in the Personal Injury law type:

  • Description of Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Description of Incident