Using Prevail for Social Security

Social Security Disability was the very first practice customized area we put into Prevail more than 20 years ago. We learned the administrative process. We learned the forms. We learned the rules. We learned the pitfalls. We got input from successful practices -- LOTS of it. We learned what works and what doesn't. The end result was the most sophisticated tool ever developed for managing a Social Security Disability practice. Prevail's built-in Social Security management tools are so closely tailored to the practice that many of our early clients were surprised to learn that we did anything else.

We've been so successful in the Social Security Disability field that we've become the big fish in the pond. 15 of the last 20 Presidents of NOSSCR (National Organization of Social Security Disability Claimant Representatives) have chosen Prevail as their case management tool. Feel free to judge us by the company we keep -- because are clients our the best of the best. If somebody is doing Social Security Disability and doing it well, chances are pretty good they're already running Prevail, and there's good reason for that. Many commonly used forms are included with the basic installation. The entire administrative process is pre-loaded into Prevail's process builder. Screens are already set up to track pertinent information in disabilities, listings, medications, medical providers and most of the information you'll ever need to handle a case from beginning to end.

Out of the box, Prevail contains a step-by-step Social Security claims process, taking you from the initial application stage through United States District Court. When you use this process on the Claims tab in Prevail, it has a domino effect. The program automatically schedules appeal deadlines, merges documents (which can, in turn, schedule their own follow-up tasks!), populates database fields, and populates appointment information. By adding one step to the Claims process, you can literally accomplish dozens of things!

What’s more, you can create an infinite number of custom processes and checklists to guide your staff through any procedure – taking a new client, preparing for a hearing, collecting your fee after a favorable decision, etc.

The Medical and Disabilities tabs are also useful in tracking medical records requests and the claimant’s impairments.

Custom fields included in the Social Security law type:

  • Disabilities
  • Medications
  • Assets
  • Source
  • Welfare
  • Earned
  • Unearned
  • Monthly
  • Full Weekly Wage
  • Average Weekly Wage
  • Total Household
  • PIA
  • Offsets
  • Adjusted PIA
  • Family Maximum
  • Barcode