Using Prevail for Veterans' Administration

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides a variety of benefits for which veterans of the United States Uniformed Services may be eligible. Eligibility is typically based on discharge from active military service under other than dishonorable conditions. These programs provide financial, medical, and other types of assistance to veterans, and include disability compensation, veteran’s pension programs, free or reduced-cost medical care at VA medical facilities, and education programs.

Often, an agent of a Veterans Service Organization may assist a veteran with the initial application for benefits. However, an attorney specializing in VA disability law can be particularly helpful if you receive a denial that you intend to appeal, or need a discharge upgrade in order to qualify for VA benefits. Further, since VA laws and regulations are complicated and dynamic, representation by a VA attorney can be a real advantage.

Prevail includes a step-by-step VA claims process, for use on the Claims tab. It guides you from the Regional Office level, to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, and on through the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. As with any process, you can modify it as needed to suit your own firm’s needs, and you can make an infinite number of other processes for your various work flows. Like any process used on the Claims tab in Prevail, your VA processes can accomplish so much with a single step – schedule tasks and appointments, merge documents, and populate database fields.

Custom fields included in the Veteran contact type (used in the VA law type):

  • VA File No.
  • Highest Level of Education Completed
  • Employment Status
  • Date Last Worked
  • Other Names Used in Service
  • Additional Veteran Information
  • Branch of Service
  • Rank of Service
  • Date of Service
  • Discharge Type
  • Special Forces Branch
  • Additional Military Information, Including Description of Combat, Combat Medals, and ALL PTSD Stressors
  • Service Related Combat Injuries
  • Service Related Disabilities
  • Presumptive Conditions
  • Secondary Conditions
  • Non Service Connected Disabilities
  • Comments
  • Total Service Connected %
  • Benefit Type
  • TDIU Claim?
  • Amount of Benefit Received
  • Service Connected Conditions #1-#5
  • Percentage #1-#5
  • Date of Last Claim
  • Benefits Claimed
  • Date of Last Rating Decision
  • NOD Filed
  • Additional Notes on VA Claims History