Training Options

We can do training in your office, online, or in our office in Orlando, Florida. This is how the different training delivery methods work:

Online, instructor-led

$125 per hour

There are two simple requirements for online training: have Prevail installed, and have an Internet connection! In this model we connect via the internet and a screen-sharing website so that you and your trainer are seeing exactly the same screens. You have joint control over the mouse and keyboard during your training session, and your trainer speaks with you via telephone (often conference call or speakerphone) as he or she shows you the specifics of how to use Prevail. The advantage of this type of training is that it can be done from anywhere with a good internet connection. It is also less expensive since no travel expenses are involved. The primary disadvantage is that we are somewhat limited in the number of people we can train at once. A few people at a time together in a conference room on a speakerphone isn't a problem, but once we go much beyond that the relative lack of hands-on experience for each user tends to dilute the effectiveness of the training somewhat.

On-Site at your office

$1,500 per day, plus travel expenses (Air, Hotel, Car Rental)

We “have projector, will travel”! Just provide an office or conference room large enough to accommodate your group, a computer in the training room connected to your network, and we’ll use our projector to display your monitor on your wall or projection screen. This delivery model also gives our instructor(s) the opportunity to make the rounds in your office after the formal training has been completed, fielding specific questions from your staff as they sit down for the very first time at their own desks to apply what they have learned. This is the most expensive training delivery model, but it is also the best.

In-House at our office

$1,000 per day

We can accommodate up to eight of your users in our training room at our corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The primary advantage of this training delivery model is your ability to focus on the material at hand away from the demands of your own office. You get face-to-face, hands-on time with your instructor in a setting where NOBODY will interrupt you. We’ll even provide lunch for your group from one of our local eateries! Since your training will take place in Orlando, we're pretty confident that you'll be able to find something else to do to amuse yourself while you're in town.

If you would like more information, or to schedule your next Prevail training session, contact our Training Department at 407.228.4400, option 1, 2, or by email at