What are our users saying about us?

"Prevail is very intuitive to the way I work. I love you guys!"

Gabriel J. Hermann, Esq., client since 1998
Tarrytown, NY

"Prevail made it possible for us to quadruple our practice within one year without growing pains and without difficulty."

Debra Shifrin and Dianne Newman, client since 2003
Akron, OH

"What has Prevail done for our firm? Very simple: Without Prevail, we would not have been able to grow our practice."

Jeffrey Bursell, client since 2007
Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, Roseville, MN

"I can't imagine having a practice without Prevail."

John Hogan, client since 1996
Sugar Hill, GA

"The people at Prevail are nice, knowledgeable and are willing to work with us when we ask complicated questions."

Michael Packard, client since 2011
San Antonio, TX

"Prevail; it's the best thing since sliced bread! The calendar function has saved me from malpractice on a number of occasions."

Kevin Haas, client since 2004
West Allis, WI

"Having a practice management system in place is critical for any Personal Injury or Social Security Disability law firm. I have been using Prevail for over three years. I can say without a doubt that it is one of the best capital investments we have made in our firm. Any software should make your job easier and make you more efficient in everything you do. The calendaring, automated tasking system, and document merging capabilities of Prevail are exceptional and enable us to spend more time on practicing law. I have tried several other “cloud based” calendaring systems and Prevail was superior to all of them in every respect. I highly recommend Prevail to any potential user. It is well worth the investment for a quality product."

Nick Ortiz, client since 2013
Ortiz Law Firm, Pensacola, FL

"When I came to Scott Foster, Attorney at Law 5 years ago, Scott and one of the previous employees had researched programs to make the firm run efficiently. The ball was handed off to me when I came to the practice as the Paralegal. Fresh out of college I knew there were many programs out there, but which one would serve our purpose? After many months of trial programs we decided to continue the search. None that we had previewed on a trial run had all we needed. Then we tried Prevail. It did not take long to decide that our search was over. Not only did the program fit our needs but the support is out of this world. The firm knows Prevail employees by name and has also visited for training as well as on line training. Our new motto in this office is "if it didn't happen in Prevail, then it hasn't happened" We would recommend this program as a source of all needs."

Annette Vaught, client since 2014
Scott Foster, Attorney at Law, Somerset, KY

"We purchased Prevail in 2012 to replace a competitor's software and have never looked back. At the time, our primary purpose for Prevail was to manage our Social Security Disability clients. Today we use it to manage all our client cases that require medical record case management. We consider Prevail the experienced, low cost, additional employee. Prevail’s experienced technical support is the best we have ever encountered. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and ready to assist with any questions or difficulties we may have quickly and efficiently. We consider Prevail one of the best investments our company has made."

James C. Joyce, client since 2012
Law Office of James C. Joyce, Jr. PLC, Roanoke, VA

"Prevail was one of the best decisions our firm has ever made. The program is very user friendly and most new hires are typically using it fully within a few days. The best part is their team. The customer service there is impeccable. There usually isn’t a wait time to speak with someone and their response times to emails is also very fast. You typically get an email stating that you will get a response within a specific timeframe but the response it always way before that. We have been using them for almost four years and they have not changed a bit in the way the deal with you. I would recommend and do recommend them to anyone that has a business, not just law firms."

Janice Francis, client since 2012
Monge & Associates, Atlanta, GA

"Your technical support staff is extremely knowledgeable, dependable, and personable. I have been very consistently pleased with your staff for three years. As a solo practitioner, I do not have strong in-house technical support, and Prevail technical support has me confident that if there is an issue even remotely involving Prevail, I will be okay. You guys not only help me with Prevail but are very nice to help with any technical issues that remotely involve Prevail."

Mari Chambers, client since 2009
Savannah, GA

Andrew Kinney, client since 2007
Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, PLLC, Roseville, MN

"We use Prevail for more than just Personal Injury, Social Security and Workers' Compensation cases. We have extended it to Bankruptcy as well. I couldn't imagine being without it. I love that the staff can dial in and look at our information and generate new reports for us."

Sandy Clifton, client since 2002
Fort Pierce, FL

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"We as a firm, believe that success stems from having a functional, user friendly, and reliable source of Case Management software system.

Prevails ‘user friendly’ system allows newcomers to quickly and effectively learn the system. Training our employees, as any other company, is of the utmost importance, and with a system such as Prevail, it allows us to train our employees within a short period of time, which effectively allows us to have them soon working on their own with confidence and assurance of understanding the user friendly system of Prevail.
One of the benefits we do have; is the ability to be in immediate contact with a live representative whenever there is a need for technical support. That is of great value to us, as it is imperative that we remain up and going without interruptions. The technical support division has always been ready, willing and able to assist in a fast and accurate way.

As of firm, we would highly recommend Prevail."

Patricia Lopez, client since 2010
Michael T. Gibson, PA, Orlando, FL

"Our office made the move to Prevail and never looked back! We have put the time into the Process Steps to leverage the automated features of the program. It gives me great comfort to know that when tasks are being set and completed they are being done according to our procedures. The staff took to the program quickly and are frequently finding new ways to use the program to better manage their case load. Prevail is an excellent case management software that comes with a wonderful support team. I cannot speak more highly of the support from the software trainers, technical support specialists, and management."

Samantha, client since 2014
Warren, MI

James H. Green, client since 2005

"Prevail is a great case management program for our firm. All of the staff at Prevail has always been willing to assist us in any questions or problems we have experienced and solved these problems efficiently. Most of the time the problems are with our individual computers, but you and your co-workers direct us in resolving the problem quickly. A few people that I know who have used Prevail while working at our firm have said that Prevail, by far, is the best case management program they have used in any law firm they have worked for. Everyone we deal with at Prevail goes above and beyond."

Patricia M. Egbert, client since 2006
Pompano Beach, FL

“User friendly, prompt support and intuitive software.”

Jonathan L. Pearson, client since 2011
Chicago, IL

"I have been happily using Prevail since starting my own law practice in 2001. It is quite affordable and easily customizable. Honestly, it was one of the best business choices that I've made during the past 15 years. Bar none, their customer support exceeds all expectations. As such, I highly recommend Practice Technology's Prevail software for any law firm."

Evan M. Ostfeld, Esq, client since 2001
The Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld,P.A., Coral Springs, FL

"Thanks to Prevail and their support staff, our firm has been able to perform our daily case matters efficiently. Jean Figueroa and the Prevail team has been able to help us customize reports to analyze key metrics. These tasks have helped the firm with its strategic plans and development. Prevail is very user friendly and is a great case management software that helps us keep thorough track of our cases and clients."

Cohen Grossman, Attorneys at Law, client since 2003
Orlando, FL

"When I started my office, the case management software we had chosen to use was so difficult that within an hour my staff refused to use it. Prevail was then recommended to us. We had it installed and it immediately made our office life easier. The training and support provided by the Prevail staff was superior to any education we had received in the past. Prevail was so easy to use that it increased our productivity by 50%. My staff says that they continue to find new ways to use Prevail every day to assist them with their work. If my staff is happy, then I am happy. Thanks Prevail."

Webster C. Tally, client since 2005
Webster C. Tally, Bay City, MI

"It is so user-friendly...and it made our staff very happy!"

Regas and Haag, client since 2005
Canton, OH

"Prevail makes my job easier and more efficient. It helps us give better customer service. Easy to use and superior tech support."

Beth Kochevar, client since 2010
Brighton, MI

"Our firm has been using Prevail software now for a couple of decades. I have worked with other CRM’s in the past and none of which compare. It’s extremely user friendly, which makes our training process for new employees much easier. The technology is innovative and the service is top notch. It’s great to work with a partner always at the cutting edge."

Jesse Hoolihan, client since 2001
Disparti Law Group, P.A., Holiday, FL

"Prevail is like a microwave oven, once you get one, you don’t know how you made it without one."

Jim Friedlob, client since 2007
Hermitage, TN

"Before I started using Prevail, I was working 60 hours a week or more. Now I am working 40 hours a week. It's that simple."

Bruce Billman, client since 1995
Fredericksburg, VA

"Within 6 weeks of my conversion from Time Matters to Prevail, I used Prevail exclusively. I am constantly adding forms to our library which eliminated someone having to write each one over and over. Prevail allows me to increase my caseload without any deterioration in the level of personalized care I give my clients."

Joe Calandriello, client since 2003
Olympia, WA

"Prevail is an invaluable asset to our high volume personal injury practice. We purchased Prevail in 1998, and it paid for itself in a very short time. I didn’t think that was possible, but after I saw how much time it saved my staff, and how much we were able to increase our caseload, I was convinced!

We use Prevail to gather evidence, including medicals, and we run Prevail’s Client Package so we can bring a digital copy of any parts of the case to court. Whether we settle or litigate, Prevail makes it all easier.

Prevail’s tech support folks are always there for us. They make us feel like we are their only client. Between the software and the service, this is the best software for personal injury out there. I’d never practice without it."

Joe Mazzitelli, client since 1998
Martinez Manglardi, Orlando, FL

"Within 3 months of using Prevail, I knew I had made a wise investment. There were always cases I could have taken, but I did not have time to process them. Prevail is awesome, it makes me more efficient and gives me the option to grow my caseload."

Joanne Kehr, client since 2000
York, PA

"The Prevail Software has revolutionized the way our firm handles our Social Security files. The program is simple to use, and if by chance something is not working for you the way you would like, Prevail Tech Support is just a phone call away. Prevail was a wise investment and continues to pay off daily."

Clifford Berkley, client since 2007
Fullerton, CA

"A friend recommend Prevail to me when I opened my own practice. It is reliable, easy to learn and easy to use. It is a very powerful program for the money. I love the Document Merge, which allows me to crank out letters and documents with just a few clicks. When I talk to clients or adjusters, I have all the information I need right at my fingertips. I can’t imagine trying to practice law without it."

David R. Strong, Esquire, client since 2015
Law Office of David R. Strong, P.A., Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Prevail helps our support staff and attorneys stay on top of our work. Your software has become an indispensable part of our practice of law."

Anselmo Alegria, client since 2014
Alegria & Barovick LLP, White Plains, NY

"With over 50 years of Personal Injury and Social Security disability practice our firm made the transition to Prevail in 2002 and has never looked back. Prevail allows us to access information so much more efficiently and respond to our clients quickly and accurately. It has been a tremendous asset to our practice."

Stacey Hardin Hibbard, Managing Partner, client since 2001
The Mark L. Morgan Law Group, LLP, Danville, KY

"Prevail is the foundation of our Firm’s case management strategy. Their tech support is second to none; frequently going above and beyond to help us with any question or problem we encounter. For the past 15 years Prevail has helped us maintain a competitive edge in a difficult market by maximizing our staff’s productivity and helping us keep pace with technology."

Ryan Grady, client as of 2000
Law Office of Daniel Parmele, Springfield, MO

"Prevail makes me more efficient and cost effective without having to hire any more employees. Within one week of using Prevail we noticed a difference."

Agnes Wladyka, client as of 2007
Newark, NJ

"We here at Stetson College of Law’s Veterans Advocacy Clinic have been very pleased with the support of the Prevail staff. The Prevail staff communicated with our internal Information Technology team and between them we were able to get the system up and running. The support staff and Prevail is prompt and responsive. We are happy with Prevail and feel that it will allow us to better serve our veteran clients."

Trista Miller, Esq., client since 2016
Stetson University College of Law, Gulfport, FL

"Prevail has served us well for many years. Prevail staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful."

Ralph Lewis, client since 2005
Disability Claims Specialists, Cullman, AL

"We love Prevail and how it has changed the way our firm handles cases. We used to use three programs to “try” to keep fully track of each client. Prevail has simplified that process, made us more efficient and now anyone that picks up the file can see what is going on with that client. The call in customer support is outstanding. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes to be able to talk to a Prevail support individual who answers our questions or corrects any issues that we have."

Phil Harding, client since 2012
Harding & Associates, P.C., Denver, CO

"I have referred a number of people to Prevail through the years. I love Prevail and have used it for years! It has saved me from having to add additional employees."

Connie Vance, client since 1997
Lubbock, TX

"We have been using Prevail for nearly 5 years and absolutely love it – everything ranging from the program itself and its ease of use for our employees, to the ability to expand and customize it to our exact needs with reporting, document merge, subjects and categories, processes and more. It makes us more efficient, keeps us on top of our files, and helps keep us as paperless as possible. Tech support is top notch – if you’re in the market for case management software, we highly recommend you check out Prevail."

Mark Edwards, client since 2011
Whiting Law, Southfield, MI