Prevail heads to NADR with friends!

This week, Prevail will be at the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR) conference. This time, we are bringing friends – our two new strategic partners.

AirDesk Legal – We have partnered with AirDesk for cloud hosting because of their outstanding service to our clients over the past few years. Interested in Prevail in the Cloud or desktop virtualization to free your firm from the burden of server IT setup and maintenance? Ask us about Airdesk!

Disabiltiy Benefit Advocates and Disability Planners – We have partnered with these companies to streamline the Medicare acquisition process for SSDI beneficiaries. Help your beneficiaries get the help they need by signing up with Prevail to transmit Medicare leads to our partners, and get a referral fee in the process (whether the beneficiary purchases a plan from Disability Planners, or not). Ask us about how to get this setup for you!

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