Prevail 9 is here

Prevail 9 is now being rolled out to current clients as an upgrade. New features include:

Document Designer

  • Categorize Document Templates
  • Add details to document templates
  • Create document packages in the Document Designers with existing templates
  • Search for document templates in the Document Designer
  • You can merge directly to PDF
  • You can merge directly to your printer
  • Documents retain the document name after merging (instead of a random number)

Appointment Changes:

  • The ability to add time zones to individual appointments

Calendar Changes:

  • Combined Calendar view – see multiple users calendar in one calendar view
  • Calendar Favorites – create groups for specific users to quickly change calendar views

Client Portal (coming soon):

  • You provide login credentials to your clients
  • Your clients will be able to see their current case status (automatically updates from Prevail)
  • Your clients will be able to update contact information and it will import directly to Prevail
  • Your clients can send messages to their case manager through the Client Portal
  • Your clients can upload documents directly to Prevail through the Client Portal
  • You can bill and take payments from clients through the Client Portal (this feature upcoming soon after CP is initially deployed)

Web-based Intake Questionnaires

Use Web-based Questionnaires that automatically download the intake data into Prevail. These Web forms can be linked to your existing Web site, and will be branded for your company.

Contact support now to upgrade or call 866-974-3946!

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