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Practice Technology, Inc. (PTI) was founded in 1993 with a singular purpose: To develop the best case management solution available anywhere, at any price. We named it Prevail. In the early days, PTI had two employees, a dozen clients, and operated out of a rented garage. Much has changed since then, but our founding purpose has never wavered.

Today we have thousands of clients around the world, and several years ago we bought our own office building. Buying office buildings isn't something small tech companies usually do, because long-term investments like real estate don't mesh with the decidedly short-term business models which have come to pervade our industry.

In a market crowded with tech startups that appear out of nowhere one minute and disappear into thin air the next, PTI is different. We're in it for the long haul. The very first version of Prevail was released before some of our current employees were even born, and we plan on being here long after those employees retire. Explosive short-term growth and viral internet marketing campaigns don't impress us much. We're more interested in the long-term stability that comes from treating our clients like family year after year. We're constantly investigating new tools and platforms as technology evolves, but we will always maintain a laser-beam focus on our goal of being the best case management solution available anywhere, at any price.

Most of our clients are law firms ranging from 1 to 150 users, but we also cater to schools and other organizations. PTI uses Prevail internally to run our own business, for example. Whenever data organization, tracking, and reporting is needed, Prevail is there.

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