Prevail in the Cloud

We are excited to announce our new exclusive partnership with AirDesk Legal to offer Prevail Cloud.  The Prevail Cloud service delivers the powerful benefits of Prevail you know today in a dedicated cloud hosted environment.  Prevail Cloud is powered by AirDesk Legal, a leader in cloud hosting services specifically for law firms.  The following are benefits of this service that go beyond the features of Prevail.

  • IT cost reduction and security
    • Eliminate dedicated security management.
    • Get more life from existing PCs instead of upgrading.
    • Simplify local IT support and services.
  • Mobility
    • Use Prevail from anywhere and make phones and IPads real work devices.
    • Enhance work-life balance and quickly take care of work on the go.
  • Compliance and business continuity
    • Simply respond to IT audits with a check box.
    • Keep staff working in times of unexpected events.
    • Rest assured that all data is replicated and backed up with best practices.
  • Efficiency
    • Centralize IT in one place for all offices.
    • Data is organized for everyone’s access and everyone uses the same software.
    • Focus on billing hours versus managing IT.

As reported by International Data Corporation (IDC), cloud customers on average see IT spending go down by more than 50%, staff productivity go up by more than 30%, and overall firm operating income go up by more than 10%.  Call us today to discuss how your firm can get on the Prevail Cloud and enjoy these benefits!

We’re here to help

We’re here to help!

We’re here if you need us:

Technical Support, Support Renewal Questions, Additional Licenses, etc. please call our support team at 866-998-4400 option 1,1.

Support Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET, CT, MT, PT

Out of hours call may be subject to an additional charge.

Training Questions or to Purchase/Schedule Training please call our training team at 866-998-4400 option 1,2.

Regular Prevail Maintenance

It is generally a good idea to perform a Pack & Reindex for your database at least once a month. A Pack & Reindex helps your database run at its optimal speeds. The process involves packing & reindexing the tables by completely removing deleted records out of the database and recreating the indexes of the data within the table(s). This could help free up some physical hard drive space from your server and it may result in an increase of database performance as Prevail will be able to run SQL statements quicker and more efficiently.

To run a Pack & Reindex, ensure that all users are signed out of Prevail then click on the “Control Panel” icon to the left, and login. Once you login, click on the “lock database” option and after a few moments the Pack & Reindex option should become available.

What is a Case Management System?

 Simply put, a case management system is a piece of computer software that allows you to make fewer trips to the filing cabinet by tracking a great deal of client information right on the computer, and then using that information to help you run your practice. Although different systems have different levels of functionality, there are certain functions that are central to virtually all case management systems.

The focal point of any case management system is a shared database of all your client information. This information is stored in a common location so that it is accessible to your entire staff. Aside from basic biographical information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) many systems allow you to view and instantly retrieve history entries and documents related to a specific case.

Document handling and document generation capability are very important defining factors of a case management system: The better ones have very powerful document generation capabilities built right in. In just a few mouse-clicks, some case management systems can create complex documents right in your word processor with the pertinent case data merged in automatically. Higher-end systems can also save them for you, log them for historical purposes automatically and make time and cost entries in the appropriate case file. Prevail does all of this.

Having your documents and case data integrated into a single system gives you several significant advantages over doing things the old-fashioned way. The first is shared access – If you’re relying on hardcopy files you must deal with the physical reality of possession. If one person has the file, it means nobody else has it, and thus nobody else can work on that file (copies aside). A case management system eliminates this problem by allowing all users on a network to share the same information at the same time, and information is consistently updated to all staffers.

Another important advantage of a computerized case management system is the ability to work remotely. Once the information you need is centrally stored on your office network or cloud provider server, you can easily access the information from anywhere where you have internet access. This capability is built into most Window’s Servers, using Remote Desktop (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_Desktop_Services). On other operating systems the solution can be as simple as setting up an account with any of the various remoting applications, such as LogMeIn (https://www.logmein.com/), GoToMyPC (https://get.gotomypc.com/), or TeamViewer (https://www.teamviewer.us/). If you have a high-speed internet connection both at home and at the office, you’ll find that the speed of working remotely is very nearly equal to that of being in the office.

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