19% OFF through April

OK, so this virus is causing all sorts of chaos. To help ease your pain and to support remote working, Prevail is offering a 19% discount on all new licenses (for current clients adding licenses, and for new prospects), training time (online, on-site, or in-house), and support reinstatement for those clients that wish to upgrade their service.

Social Security Firms, attention! We are completely integrated with Insurance Branch, which can offer you commissions on insurance referrals, while helping your clients get the Medicare plan they need. If interested, contact Susan at smontgomery@prevail.net or call 407-367-7943 for more details.

PREVAIL status under COVID-19

Prevail offers a remote solution for your work environment. You can work remotely from your own servers or sign up with AirDesk Legal, our partner, to virtualize your whole work environment.

Status under COVID-19: We are here!

Prevail Users Group (PUG) 2020 in June is still currently ON SCHEDULE. We will take another look at having it in late April.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT is ready and willing to help.

TRAINING is ready to help you use PREVAIL better.

SALES is ready to make a believer out of you.

Prevail Users Group 2020 in Orlando – training, tips, and how to become more efficient in your practice

Join us on June 25th and 26th in sunny Orlando Florida for the next Prevail Users Group. Find out how to get the most out of Prevail, and see the new capabilities of the upcoming Prevail v9. Hear from other users as well as our training staff, and learn how to become more efficient in your practice. Stay a little longer and visit the many theme parks around — including Disney World, where the PUG will be located. More information can be found on the PUG registration page.

Worried about the new coronavirus? Well, there isn’t an outbreak here, yet, but there probably will be. We are hoping that it will resolve itself well before the PUG, but in case it doesn’t, we plan on postponing the event until later, probably early August, before most schools go back in session. Any tickets purchased will automatically transfer over to the new date.

Prevail v9 Update

Prevail v9 was originally scheduled to be out at the end of 2019. Production delays have extended that a bit, and our current schedule has Prevail v9 ready for formal release in February, 2020. We want to make sure we are getting everything right, as much has changed “under the hood.” Here is a peek at some of the new features:

Performance– Prevail v8 is pretty snappy, but speed should improve further in Prevail v9, and backend database security will improve.

Enhanced Merge – easier to use merge features, with ability to merge multiple documents at once.

Client Portal* – message, bill, and pass documents with your clients! Your clients can also see their case status.

Atlasware Integration* – for our SSD clients, you will have automated connection to the Social Security Administration: Electronic Records Express (ERE) site, to get case file and status updates. This will be handled automatically for you, once a Prevail Matter has been flagged for automated retrieval. This feature will require an Assure Disability account (the owners of Atlasware), but the fees are minimal and well worth the time-savings. We will help get you set up with them.

* Since these features require continual updating and maintenance, they require an active Annual Support contract to use, as will most new features going forward.

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