Prevail v9 Update

Prevail v9 was originally scheduled to be out at the end of 2019. Production delays have extended that a bit, and our current schedule has Prevail v9 ready for formal release in February, 2020. We want to make sure we are getting everything right, as much has changed “under the hood.” Here is a peek at some of the new features:

Performance– Prevail v8 is pretty snappy, but speed should improve further in Prevail v9, and backend database security will improve.

Enhanced Merge – easier to use merge features, with ability to merge multiple documents at once.

Client Portal* – message, bill, and pass documents with your clients! Your clients can also see their case status.

Atlasware Integration* – for our SSD clients, you will have automated connection to the Social Security Administration: Electronic Records Express (ERE) site, to get case file and status updates. This will be handled automatically for you, once a Prevail Matter has been flagged for automated retrieval. This feature will require an Assure Disability account (the owners of Atlasware), but the fees are minimal and well worth the time-savings. We will help get you set up with them.

* Since these features require continual updating and maintenance, they require an active Annual Support contract to use, as will most new features going forward.

Ormson Law Training Discount Offer

Ormson Law Training is offering the most comprehensive and immersive online course for new disability claimant’s representatives. The Practice of Social Security Disability Law combines the basics of Social Security Disability Law with the practical skills commonly performed on the job.

While the entire course is best suited for new representatives, the course is divided into two parts to fit your training needs. Course instructors include retired ALJs, retired law professors, former DDS employees, and current practitioners. Ormson Law Training creates more job-ready representatives for your practice so you focus on fee-generating activities.

Through May 10, Prevail customers receive up to $150 discount for registering an employee. Act now! Visit https://www.ormsonlawtraining.com/courses, and select the course that fits your training needs. Part I of the course starts on May 21.

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