Prevail & Insurance Branch Integration

Why do I have Medicare?
What does Medicare cost?
Do I need Medicare?

Prevail can help, through our partnership with Insurance Branch! Insurance Branch reaches out to your awarded clients when their Medicare enrollment period approaches to explain the Medicare benefit as well as answer any questions.

Insurance Branch doesn’t sell Medicare plans; they educate about Medicare. About half of the clients they speak with don’t need a Medicare plan selection, but just a better understanding of their Medicare coverage. How do they do it? They verify your client’s Medicare eligibility and reach out to your clients when their enrollment period begins. They provide an overview of their Medicare coverage and field any questions. Lastly, if the client would like an agent to assist with Medicare plan selection, they refer them to one of their trusted and vetted insurance agency affiliates.

Prevail’s integration with Insurance Branch makes referring your SSD clients to Insurance Branch quick and easy! You simply enter the client’s award date in Prevail and check a box. That’s it! Prevail does the rest of the work for you by uploading contact information for the clients you have marked for submission to Insurance Branch on a weekly basis.

There is no charge to your firm nor your clients for the Insurance Branch service nor the Prevail integration.

Yes! Most importantly, you’re providing a valuable service to your clients by putting them in contact with experts in explaining Medicare coverage, and fulfilling your obligation to completely educate them about all components of their SSD award.

Your firm will also receive compensation for each referral you make to Insurance Branch, regardless of the client’s Medicare plan selection. For each referral you make whose Medicare eligibility date is 4+ months in the future, you will receive $100. A sliding scale is also paid for clients who are already receiving their Medicare benefits.

The results speak for themselves! Insurance Branch has worked with 600,000+ SSD claimants since 2012, with zero complaints made to SSA or CMS. They work with most of the major national disability firms, and numerous small firms.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? CONTACT SUSAN MONTGOMERY AT (407) 367-7943 or smontgomery@prevail.net.

NOT YET A PREVAIL USER? CONTACT ROBIN VENTURA AT (407) 367-7919 or rventura@prevail.net 

Prevail 9 Highlight: EREtrieve

Prevail’s EREtrieve feature is a huge time saver for firms who practice Social Security disability law. Download clients’ exhibit files, including any media files, from the SSA’s Electronic Records Express site with the click of a button in Prevail. You have the option of having OCR run on the files, making the files text-searchable. Prevail automatically attaches the downloaded file(s) to entries on the EREtrieve tab, and notifies the Case Manager via a message on the Home tab.

The exhibit files contain a cover page with important information displayed at the top, including the date of the last change to the file. The table of contents includes clickable links to all exhibits in the file, and the top of each page in the file identifies the exhibit, page number, and description of the document.

EREtrieve Exhibit File Summary

You can even set up the Process Builder in Prevail to automatically trigger an ERE download request. For example, when you add the Hearing Scheduled step to a client’s Claims process, Prevail can automatically submit the exhibit file request.

As if that isn’t enough, Prevail also allows you to upload documents to ERE, and download your Appeals Council and Hearing Office status reports with a mouse click. The reports are updated nightly, so you’ll always have the most recent information.

Imagine all the hours you’ll get back by not having to log in to ERE and wait for passcodes to be sent to your cell phone! Need a client’s exhibit file? Pay just $5 one time for that matter, and download the file as many times as you need. You have the option of passing that cost along to the client, just like most firms do for medical records.

SOUND INTERESTING? CONTACT SUSAN MONTGOMERY at (407) 367-7943 or smontgomery@prevail.net.

NOT YET A PREVAIL USER? CONTACT ROBIN VENTURA AT (407) 367-7919 or rventura@prevail.net

Prevail Users Group 2021 in Orlando…Outlook

We could all use some fun in the sun after what’s been going on in the past year!

PUG 2021 is coming up in June. Visit us in Orlando, learn how best to use Prevail, and enjoy the weather, theme parks, and beaches while you are here. Most places are open at full or partial capacity, and the theme parks and beaches have been open for many months now. Just wear your mask and keep your distance when able – sensible precautions are all that Florida requires. We will have masks on hand at PUG in case you forget yours, along with plenty of hand sanitizer. If you are predisposed to getting the nasty symptoms and have not yet been vaccinated, virtual PUG tickets are available. We will be live-streaming PUG this year (and in the future).

Web-based Intakes…now available with Prevail 9

Let us set up a Web-based intake form for your firm, branded for your business and linked to your own Web-site. We offer generic intake forms for several law types. This is an add-on feature available to Prevail 9 users. Want a more detailed, custom intake form? We can do that, too.

Would you like to know more?

Visit our LawFormsPro page for more information.

Prevail 9 is here

Prevail 9 is now being rolled out to current clients as an upgrade. New features include:

Document Designer

  • Categorize Document Templates
  • Add details to document templates
  • Create document packages in the Document Designers with existing templates
  • Search for document templates in the Document Designer
  • You can merge directly to PDF
  • You can merge directly to your printer
  • Documents retain the document name after merging (instead of a random number)

Appointment Changes:

  • The ability to add time zones to individual appointments

Calendar Changes:

  • Combined Calendar view – see multiple users calendar in one calendar view
  • Calendar Favorites – create groups for specific users to quickly change calendar views

Client Portal (coming soon):

  • You provide login credentials to your clients
  • Your clients will be able to see their current case status (automatically updates from Prevail)
  • Your clients will be able to update contact information and it will import directly to Prevail
  • Your clients can send messages to their case manager through the Client Portal
  • Your clients can upload documents directly to Prevail through the Client Portal
  • You can bill and take payments from clients through the Client Portal (this feature upcoming soon after CP is initially deployed)

Web-based Intake Questionnaires

Use Web-based Questionnaires that automatically download the intake data into Prevail. These Web forms can be linked to your existing Web site, and will be branded for your company.

Contact support now to upgrade or call 866-974-3946!

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