New cyber threat identified – get your server up to date!

There is a new BlueKeep exploit virus out there, and it can infect all networked PCs, especially those running Windows Server 2008 or prior.

More info from Ars Technica: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/06/new-bluekeep-exploit-shows-the-wormable-danger-is-very-very-real/

As usual, the best remedy is to update your software, and even better to update your server version.

Ormson Law Training Discount Offer

Ormson Law Training is offering the most comprehensive and immersive online course for new disability claimant’s representatives. The Practice of Social Security Disability Law combines the basics of Social Security Disability Law with the practical skills commonly performed on the job.

While the entire course is best suited for new representatives, the course is divided into two parts to fit your training needs. Course instructors include retired ALJs, retired law professors, former DDS employees, and current practitioners. Ormson Law Training creates more job-ready representatives for your practice so you focus on fee-generating activities.

Through May 10, Prevail customers receive up to $150 discount for registering an employee. Act now! Visit https://www.ormsonlawtraining.com/courses, and select the course that fits your training needs. Part I of the course starts on May 21.

New VA Process Update

Well, now we know why so many attorneys came out of the NOVA conference baffled, after learning of the new VA process. To be sure, it is great for vets and the VA, but to programmatically make the changes in a workflow is challenging.

The good news is that we’ve been working closely with a couple of awesome VA clients to hammer out the new process workflow, and we should field it for testing next week. Depending on how things go, expect to see a general release within the month.

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