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Cloud Hosting

AirDesk® Legal provides a full suite of cloud-based services for law office automation and is a key Prevail partner. Everything from virtual servers to hosted practice management software is available to streamline legal practice. As the leading cloud technology provider for law firms, AirDesk Legal has helped a myriad of law firms successfully navigate the journey to the cloud. AirDesk stores and manages millions of crucial legal documents for law firms nationwide. Contact 801-441-2100 or

Medicare Advocacy & Insurance

Disability Benefit Advocates & Disability Planners provide Medicare advocacy and insurance to qualified SSDI beneficiaries, and already work with some of the nation's largest SSDI firms. Prevail has integrated seamlessly with these providers to streamline the process of getting Medicare assistance for SSDI beneficiaries, and referral fees are paid to the firm for each valid lead (whether or not the beneficiary chooses to select a plan with Disability Planners). For more information about this Prevail feature, and to get set up, contact Susan Montgomery at 407-367-7943 or


Marlin Business Services Corp.® is a nationwide provider of commercial financing and depository products. Marlin specializes in providing innovative financial solutions for small and mid-size businesses.

Navitas provides equipment financing to small and medium sized business throughout the United States. We help businesses acquire the equipment they need to grow and stay competitive. Navitas was founded in 2008 in Ponte Vedra, Florida and is managed by a team of industry professionals with a long track record of success. Please contact Alena David – Senior, Certified Finance Manager (856)751-3700 for more information. You can also visit our website for more information at

Neumann Finance is an innovative business lender seeking to transform the equipment financing industry. By combining our leadership team’s vast industry experience with the latest technology and a highly-skilled and motivated workforce, we can offer superior financing solutions. And, being powered by Beneficial Bank, we have the financial strength to deliver on our commitments. For more information, visit


Blue Orchid Marketing is a premiere provider of automated database marketing systems to small and medium size law firms, designed specifically to grow your client base while building brand awareness and client loyalty. Our program and services enable you to expand your business by systematically increasing communications to current and past clients, as well as to follow up and convert prospects into new clients. We specialize in creating and executing multi-step targeted marketing drip campaigns designed to increase your business. “Relationship Marketing” is all about staying out in front! To learn more about Blue Orchid Marketing, please call Sandie Wike at 203.746.5901 and visit us at

Lead Generation

Case Ghost provides Legal Process Outsourcing (or LPO) along with top-tier consultation and legal outsourcing services for Disability and Personal Injury law firms. Our services can lead to explosive growth for you and your firm – growth that can lead to game-changing profits. Why do companies outsource? Companies that outsource their legal processing to an LPO enjoy greater profits and less overhead. Our innovative technologies and made-to-order consultation plans will help you to manage your growth, maximize your efficiency, and increase your profits – that’s the Case Ghost advantage.

Global Leads Solutions, Inc., internet generated new client leads for bankruptcy and auto accident.

LeadingResponse is a powerhouse client acquisition company providing high-quality leads, call center services, and proprietary lead management software for the legal industry. Partnering with LeadingResponse allows you to focus on what you do best—working cases. We identify, qualify, and communicate with new customers in hyper-local markets to deliver exclusive leads to you in real time so you can grow your business, faster. Reach out to reserve your territory today and receive a free strategic consultation with an industry expert.

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