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Implementation is a process...not an event.

Whether you are a new client, new user, or seasoned pro, we have you covered for training.

Initial purchases and upgrades include online training time which never expires. Use it when you need to.

Three methods of training are offered. On-site training is the costliest, but also the most effective... we come to you. Online training is our usual method, and you may have as many users as you like in these sessions. In-house training is done at our Orlando office.

To request training call 866-998-4400 option 1,2.

Training Options

On-Site, at your office

$1,500 per day, plus travel expenses (Air, Hotel, Car Rental)

All you’ll need is an office or conference room large enough to accommodate your group and an available workstation we can use for training. If you have a large conference room monitor, great! If not, we’ll bring a projector.

In-House, at our office

$1,000 per day

The training room of our Orlando, Florida headquarters can accommodate up to 15 users. We’ll even provide lunch!

Online Training

$125 per hour

There are two simple requirements for online training: have Prevail installed, and have an Internet connection! We connect via a screen-sharing website so that you and your trainer are seeing exactly the same screens. You have joint control over the mouse and keyboard during your training session, and your trainer speaks with you via telephone.

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