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Manage Your Cases, Ensure You Prevail

Prevail is an integrated case management system designed to help you handle more cases in less time. Prevail accomplishes this goal by eliminating dependence on hardcopy files and performing routine tasks automatically.

Prevail Case Management

  • Integrated case management system

  • Handle more cases in less time 

  • Eliminate hardcopy files

  • Perform routine tasks automatically

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Prevail, Elevated. Cloud Hosting is Here.

  • Cut Onsite Costs, Boost User Experience

  • Monthly Seat License, Inclusive Support

  • Scale to Your Needs with Reliable Infrastructure

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Prevail e-sign

Discover the essential value of a secure and efficient online document signing experience. Our esignature feature provides businesses with a reliable solution for obtaining electronic signatures on a variety of documents, ensuring a safe and seamless process.

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