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Family Law

For managing Family Law matters, Prevail gives you the ability to create any number of case types. So, whether you’re handling a divorce case, or an adoption matter, you’ll have the necessary fields and tools to manage any kind of Family Law case. There are several custom fields already included in our Family Law layout, and we can add additional fields for you, if needed.

family law

Contact Management

Prevail's customizable, centralized Contacts database is the backbone of the system. It contains detailed information on all the parties you come into contact with on a day-to-day basis

Automated Intake

Prevail’s Intake Questionnaire makes intake easy and efficient. The Intake tool is fully customizable, allowing you to ask the same questions you’re already asking, but with a much more productive outcome

Document Merge

Prevail makes it easy for you to generate documents of virtually any kind, which can contain data from any field in Prevail.

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