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Long Term Disability

Prevail users who practice in this area rely on Prevail’s Medical tab as well as its Process/Claims tab to collect evidence to support their clients’ LTD claims, and to automate every step along the way. Here at Prevail, we know that keeping track of physicians, as well as the treatments they’ve provided, is key in the success of your case. We’ve fine-tuned this layout to give you an arsenal of tools that will help you to efficiently and successfully represent your LTD clients.

long term disability

Document Merge

Prevail makes it easy for you to generate documents of virtually any kind, which can contain data from any field in Prevail.


The Medical Tab is Your Go-To Resource for Client Medical Data.

Our user-friendly Medical Tab streamlines the process of handling medical providers and treatment details

Contact Management

Prevail's customizable, centralized Contacts database is the backbone of the system. It contains detailed information on all the parties you come into contact with on a day-to-day basis

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