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Veteran's Administration

Prevail includes the step-by-step VA claims process - including the new appeals process - which will keep all of your cases on track. It guides you from the Regional Office level, to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, and on through the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Throughout the process, Prevail can automatically trigger deadlines, and merge any of the included VA forms, making Prevail the software your VA practice can’t do without!

veteran's administration

Document Merge

Prevail makes it easy for you to generate documents of virtually any kind, which can contain data from any field in Prevail.

Process Builder

Prevail’s workflow tool, the Process Builder, makes it easy to build a step-by-step road map of any process, whether internal or court rules based


The Medical Tab is Your Go-To Resource for Client Medical Data.

Our user-friendly Medical Tab streamlines the process of handling medical providers and treatment details

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