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Personal Injury

Prevail was built on decades of experience in Personal Injury law, with the help and guidance of many of our Personal Injury clients. Regardless of the case type, you can set the Statute of Limitations for each, and Prevail will set the statute for you each time a new matter is created. Prevail’s Statute Warning feature will alert you when a statute is about to run out. So, you can focus on providing your clients with great service, and know that Prevail will keep your deadlines in check. When it’s time to negotiate a settlement, whether you start with a demand or an offer, Prevail brings together all damages, costs, liens, and fees in an easy to use, lightning fast Settlement Calculator.

personal injury

Settlement Calculator

Streamline Your Negotiations Process using the Settlement Calculator. Effortlessly Record and Manage Offers, Demands, and Liens.


Utilize the Damages to Record Special Damages and Monitor Payment History. Throughout the Negotiation and Potential Trial Process, Ensure Your Client's Deserved Compensation Is Adequately Covered.

Process Builder

Prevail’s workflow tool, the Process Builder, makes it easy to build a step-by-step road map of any process, whether internal or court rules based

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